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About Debi

It all started on the green shag carpet in front of her family’s one television set. No cable. No remote.

Debi grew up with a love for TV and entertainment. As a kid she dreamed of one day being in the movie or TV business. In the days before there were home computer of iPhones, Debi could only dream up in her mind what she wanted to do. She grew up and attended Baylor University and majored in Radio/TV/Film.

After Graduation

  • Debi worked on the PBS television series Wishbone. She came up with the tagline “Follow My Lead. Read!” Which came out on posters nationwide.
  • Debi was the Guide to Classic TV and her site was mentioned in the National Enquirer as a top Classic TV Website.
  • Debi is the author of three TV and movie themed trivia books.
  • Debi is the creator and host of the Trivia Rewind Podcast.

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