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1980s TV

I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s and still remember being sprawled out on the green shag carpet of our family room watching TV show after TV show. We had one TV in the house. Yes, just one. Today it seems like every room in the house has a TV and since your smart phone can double as one, you can even watch TV while you’re sitting on the toilet! Wow have the times changed.

In the next episode of Trivia Rewind it’s all about the great shows of the 1980s. It’s always hard selecting just ten shows for the episode. I’m sure there’s always someone out there that wonders why I didn’t select this show or that show but hey, it’s my podcast. But really, I’d love your input on shows you’d like to see on future episodes that I’ll do about the 1980s. So be sure and visit our Contact page and let me know what you’d like to see on an upcoming episode of Trivia Rewind.

On Sunday when I drop the next episode, you’ll be able to find out what ten shows are on my list. Here’s a hint. We’ll talk about an alien that drinks alcohol. Now don’t go and Google it because you’ll want to wait until the episode to find that answer out!

Looking forward to hearing what shows from the 1980s were your favorites! And please subscribe to Trivia Rewind wherever you listen to podcasts. You won’t want to miss one episode!

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