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“You Gonna Eat Your Tots?”

Do you know what movie the “You gonna eat your tots?” line came from? That’s one of the quotes you’ll find in this episode of Midweek Movie Quotes.

Midweek Movie Quotes is becoming a favorite five minute break for many. All it takes is five minutes to hear the five quotes and fun facts. Challenge your friends and see who can be first to guess correctly.

Here is the transcript from this episode. Spoiler alert! Don’t look below unless you’ve already listened to the episode because you’ll find the answers below.

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You Gonna Eat Those Tots? – Midweek Movie Quotes

Debi Jenkins 0:03
Hey there, Trivia Rewind listeners. This is Debi Jenkins your host. It’s time for another bonus episode of Midweek Movie Quotes. Here’s how it works. I’m gonna read you five quotes from movies. Then I’ll go back and give you the answers and a few quick facts about each of the movies. Are you ready to play?

Debi Jenkins 0:27
Here’s quote one. “You can’t handle the truth.”

Debi Jenkins 0:34
Quote two. “I volunteer as tribute.”

Debi Jenkins 0:39
Quote, three. “You gonna eat your tots?”

Debi Jenkins 0:45
Quote four. “There’s no place like home.”

Debi Jenkins 0:50
Quote five. “Put some Windex on it.”

Debi Jenkins 0:55
Well, those were our five quotes. Were they easy? Let’s go back and see if you had the correct guess. Quote one was, “you can’t handle the truth.” That quote was from the movie A Few Good Men. Jack Nicholson’s character Colonel Jessup said this line to Tom Cruise’s character. Imagine this. The screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, he wrote down most of his ideas about the film on cocktail napkins while he had a bartending job. He would then go home and take all the cocktail napkins out of his pockets and type up the words on his computer. Sorkin was nominated for a Golden Globe for his screenplay. I may never look at a cocktail napkin the same again.

Debi Jenkins 1:44
Quote two. “I volunteer as tribute.” This quote is said by Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Katniss Everdeen in the movie Hunger Games. The Hunger Games was based on a book series of the same name. Fans were so excited for the film that at one point, Fandango reported selling 17 Hunger Games tickets per second. Fans of the book series were not too happy when they found out that Jennifer Lawrence was cast in the lead role. They were upset because she had blonde hair. In the book series, the way the author described the character had many fans thinking that the character was biracial and surely not blonde. But hair dye easily fixed that problem, and they gave her brown hair.

Debi Jenkins 2:29
Quote three. “You gonna eat your tots.?” This quote is said by Napoleon in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. He is at lunch talking with his friend Pedro, played by actor Efren Ramirez. Jon Heder plays the lead role of Napoleon. Would you believe that originally he was only paid $1,000 for his part? This was an independent film that originally started out as a short film. They had no idea how big of a hit this movie would become. Thankfully, Heder was able to renegotiate his compensation. Recently, there were talks that a sequel is in the works. We’ll see what happens with that, but I know fans everywhere would be excited.

Debi Jenkins 3:18
Quote four. “There’s no place like home.” This quote is said by Judy Garland’s character Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Near the end of the movie, Dorothy taps the heels of her red ruby slippers three times and says this line. Did you know that in The Wizard of Oz book Dorothy’s slippers are silver? In the movie they are red because the studio thought red would look better in Technicolor. Technicolor was the most widely used color process for movies back when Wizard of Oz was being filmed. The Oz sequences were filmed in what was called three strip Technicolor. Some have asked if the Wizard of Oz was originally shot in black and white and the answer is no. If you grew up watching it on a black and white TV, then that may be why you think it was shot in black and white.

Debi Jenkins 4:10
And quote five. “Put some Windex on it.” That quote is from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It is said by the character Gus played by Michael Constantine. The character believes that Windex can heal any ailment. Did you know that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were two of the movie’s producers? In 2020, both Hanks and Wilson officially became Greek citizens when they received their Greek passports. In 2019, their family became honorary Greek citizens. Rita Wilson is part Greek and Tom Hanks is a Greek Orthodox convert. Not only did they produce My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel, they produced the Greek themed movie Mamma Mia and its sequel.

Debi Jenkins 5:02
Well that’s it for our bonus episode Midweek Movie Quotes. I hope you had fun and learned something new to go along with the memorable quotes. Make sure you subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and visit us online at for links to our social media sites. I’d love it if you’d leave a positive review on Apple podcasts. Thanks for listening to Trivia Rewind. And I’ll be back next time with more trivia.

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