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“Remember Who You Are”

Which animated Disney movie does the quote “Remember who you are” come from? That’s one of the quotes in this week’s Midweek Movie Quotes. In this episode, all the quotes are from animated Disney movies.

Not only will I give you five quotes, I’ll give you some interesting facts about each of the movies. This week you’ll find out about some ugly things that went on behind the scenes in Hollywood including which voice actor for one of the most popular Disney characters ended up being buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave.

You’ll learn a little history about the 1941 cartoonist strike that went on in Hollywood. Visit this link to learn more about this interesting piece of history.

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Here is the transcript. Spoiler alert! Unless you’ve already listened to the episode, don’t look below because you’ll find the answers.

Trivia Rewind – Midweek Movie Quotes – Disney Movie Quotes

Debi Jenkins 0:04
Hi, this is Debi Jenkins, your host of Trivia Rewind. It’s time for another bonus episode of Midweek Movie Quotes. This week all the quotes come from animated Disney movies. In our fun facts segment, you’ll definitely learn about some things that went on behind the scenes in Hollywood. Before we start, here’s how it works. I’ll read you five quotes from movies. Then I’ll go back and give you the answers and a few quick facts about each movie. Are you ready to play?

Debi Jenkins 0:37
Here’s quote one. “Remember who you are.”

Debi Jenkins 0:43
Quote two. “The very things that hold you down, are going to lift you up.”

Debi Jenkins 0:50
Quote three. “Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?”

Debi Jenkins 0:56
Quote four. “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

Debi Jenkins 1:04
And quote five. “Now think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.”

Debi Jenkins 1:12
Those are our five quotes. Let’s go back and get the answers and fun facts. Quote one. “Remember who you are.” This quote is from the movie The Lion King, and is said by Mufasa to Simba. James Earl Jones was the voice of Mufasa and he said this line to an older Simba, which was voiced by actor Matthew Broderick. The young Simba was voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, known at the time for his role on Home Improvement. Did you know that when the Lion King was made, it was the first animated movie that wasn’t based on a pre-existing work? It was an original story. The Lion King was the highest grossing film of 1994 and was nominated for multiple awards. In 2019. Walt Disney Pictures did a CGI remake of the film. There were mixed reviews about which version was better.

Debi Jenkins 2:12
Quote two. The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up. This is from the 1941 movie Dumbo, and was said to Dumbo by Timothy Mouse. Actor Edward Brophy was the voice of the character Timothy Mouse. Dumbo didn’t have any lines in the movie so no actor was associated with him. In May of 1941, during the production of Dumbo, there was a huge animation strike in Hollywood. This did not go over well with Mr. Walt Disney and things got a bit ugly at times. Members of the Screen Cartoonists Guild seemed to be targeted and were laid off. They were even left out of film credits. Animators were blacklisted due to the strike. One way Disney retaliated was with a scene in the movie Dumbo. There’s a scene where clowns are arguing for more pay and they use this scene to depict the animators that were on strike. The strike was a big deal and an important part of Walt Disney finally agreeing to sign a union contract. If Hollywood history is of interest to you, visit our website for a link to more information about this piece of history.

Debi Jenkins 3:26
Quote three. “Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?” This line comes from the movie Beauty and the Beast and is said by the character Belle. In the 1991 animated film, actress Paige O’Hara is the voice of Belle and Robbie Benson is the voice of Beast. Did you know that Disney sometimes recycles a scene from one movie and uses it in another? This has actually been going on for over 50 years. One example can be seen in Beauty and the Beast. In the last scene of the movie when Belle and the Beast dance, that scene was taken from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. They just resized some things and cleaned it up a little. This was done for time’s sake. With a deadline just a few days away, they didn’t have time to create the scene from scratch. So if you ever see a scene in a Disney movie that looks familiar, maybe, just maybe it’s been taken from another Disney movie and been repurposed. Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

Debi Jenkins 4:33
Quote four. “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” This line is from the 1951 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland and is said by the character Alice. Alice is crying as she sings this line in a sad song. It’s the only song from the 1951 movie to make it into Tim Burton’s 2010 adaptation. In Tim Burton’s film, Robert Smith of the group The Cure sings this song. In the 1951 Alice in Wonderland, actress Kathryn Beaumont was the voice of Alice. If her voice sounds familiar, it might be because she was also the voice of Wendy in then 1953 movie Peter Pan. In 1998, she was given the honor of being named a Disney Legend.

Debi Jenkins 5:24
And quote five. “Now think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.” This line is from the 1953 movie Peter Pan and is said by Peter Pan himself. In the movie teenage actor Bobby Driscoll is the voice of Peter Pan. Bobby Driscoll had a great career as a child actor. At the age of nine he was a household name. When he was 13, he won an Oscar for Outstanding Juvenile Actor of 1949. Sadly, his story goes downhill after Peter Pan. He was now into his teens and had acne. His voice changed and he wasn’t the cute little boy anymore. The studio decided to terminate his contract three years early. The worst part is that he found out this awful news from Walt Disney’s secretary because Walt Disney was too busy to tell them himself. Bobby Driscoll broke down in tears and they had security escort him off the Disney lot. His career with Disney was suddenly history. Then to make matters worse, in high school, he was bullied and teased, and he started using drugs. As an adult, he became addicted to heroin. He was arrested numerous times for things like burglary, assault and drug possession. He spent some time in prison, Bobby Driscoll left Hollywood and went to New York City where Andy Warhol befriended him. He eventually disappeared into the New York underground. Not long after turning 31 some kids found his body on a cot in an abandoned apartment. Nobody knew who he was. There was no identification on his body and the body went unclaimed. He was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave. There lay the voice of Peter Pan. A year later fingerprints revealed his identity. His father was nearing death and his mom went searching for their missing son so his dad could say goodbye. Because of the fingerprint identification, they found out he was dead.

Debi Jenkins 7:27
With that sad story, we close out this Midweek Movie Quotes bonus episode of Trivia Rewind. This has been a good reminder to never take child actors or the hard working people behind the scenes for granted.

Debi Jenkins 7:40
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