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The Little Things Preview

Hey movie fans. I wanted to tell you about a new movie coming out in theaters on January 29th.  Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, new movies have been rare and theaters have taken a hit financially. Last week I went to the theater and watched a movie in person and wow, was it good to be back. While there I saw the preview for Denzel Washington’s new film The Little Things. He stars alongside fellow Oscar winners Rami Malek and Jared Leto.  Just in time for this movie, I have a new Trivia Rewind episode coming out Monday and it’s all about Denzel Washington and his amazing career.  I hope you’ll tune in and then go see his new movie next weekend.  Let’s safely support our local movie theaters.  I know the Cinemark by me has done a great job to make the movie going experience safe during this pandemic.  Thanks for listening to Trivia Rewind, the podcast for fans of film and television. 

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