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Best Picture Oscar Winners 1990s-2010s

The Oscars. The longest award show there is. When you just want to go to bed but you have to wait up to find out what film won Best Picture. Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences holds an awards ceremony where they recognize excellence in cinema achievement.  A man named George Stanley […]

Betty White

Author Michael McWilliams said “If Lucille Ball is the Queen of Television, then its Princess is Betty White.”  Betty White, everyone’s favorite leading lady, recently turned 99 years old. Just a few weeks ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix titled Betty White, First Lady of Television. It was a nice overview of Betty’s career […]

Cartoons of the 80s

If you grew up in the 80s, there was one thing and one thing only on your mind when it came to Saturday mornings and that was binge watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Kids today have no idea what life was like in the 80s.  Children’s television was not available on demand at all hours of […]

Best Picture Oscar Winners 1990s-2010s Trivia Rewind

A look back at Oscar history, actors that turned down their awards and a cringeworthy Oscar moment that's uncomfortable to watch.  Plus, I'll give you ten trivia questions about films that won Best Picture Oscars between the 1990s and 2010s.  Get the scoop on the 2021 Oscars and how the show is different than years past.  Note: You may have downloaded this episode before I caught myself in a mistake.  You may have heard a wrong date regarding the "cringeworthy" Oscar moment I mention. Don't worry, it's been fixed.  The date should not have been 1989, it was 2017 and has been corrected.  You can find Trivia Rewind on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Visit https://triviarewind.com/ for a transcript of the show.Thanks for listening and leaving positive comments! Music courtesy of JuliusH at Pixabay
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